Get professional home cleaning services from our team in Mobile, AL

You shouldn't have to give up your free time to enjoy a clean house. Instead of spending hours cleaning, you can hire professional cleaners to take care of the home. Alice Boss Up Cleaning LLC can provide home cleaning services in Mobile, AL.

Before we get started, we'll visit your house to:

  • Ask you about allergies like cleaning product allergies
  • Discuss the areas you want cleaners to focus on most
  • Walk through the home and see what you want to clean
  • Take pictures of areas you do and don't want cleaned
  • Describe our basic and premium home cleaning services

Want to see what we can do for your home before you commit? We can provide a sample by cleaning part of your home. Call 251-648-5561 now to schedule a consultation with a professional cleaner.

Know the basics about basic and premium services

If you choose basic cleaning services, we'll dust and wipe down surfaces, like tables, baseboards and windows. We'll sweep and mop your floors, vacuum rugs, remove spiderwebs and empty trash cans. Premium services include wet wipe cleaning for everything in the home. Contact us today for more information.